The facility is comprised of fully automated washing to packing Injectable lines (4 Lines/3 Tunnels), each having separate AHU systems. We have Ampoule Washing Machine (with ultrasonic system), Rotary Vial Washing Machine: ARVW - 120, Auto clave (HPHV system), Four head Ampoule filling & sealing machine, Automatic liquid vial filling machine with rubber bunging with aluminum cap sealing arrangement, machine for visual checking, Ampoule labelling machine & vial labelling machine.

For Dry powder injections we have vial washing machine with siliconisation tank, rubber bung machine with siliconisation tank, dry heat sterilizer, autoclaves, Powder vial filling, rubber stoppering, cap sealing machine ( AHPE - 120), Vial labelling machine.

Tunnel System: It is a highly advanced technology used for the sterilization of the product by means of dry heat. It is a compacted system for dry heat sterilization. It is provided with four zones in case of vials namely drying zone, sterilizing zone, cooling zone & stabilizing zone, while in case of ampoule there is no stabilizing zone. One end of the tunnel is attached with washing area while the other end is attached with sterile filling area by means of a diaphragm. Desired temperature for sterilization is achieved in sterilizing zone for specified time period to ensure complete sterilization of vials and ampoules.

In all departments’ man & material flow is in uni-direction starting from materials receipt to finished product distribution/dispatch.

Enhancement of Injection facility
Enhancement of injectable facility by introduction of new highly sophisticated manufacturing facility for Sterile Dry powder injection, liquid injection in Vials & Ampoules & Ophthalmic preparationa enable to deliver the production three times of existing capacity.