The tablet/capsule section is having huge capacity with 5 granulation areas which are and 12 compressions & 2 capsule filling cubical.

High speed double rotary Tablet compression machine used for the compression of the lubricated granules to the desired shape compressed tablets.

Giga and Mega press double rotary machine has 75 station and 45 station and giving the output 30-35 lac and 15 lac tablets per shift.

The cubical is designed with separate AHU/Dust extraction system to meet the environment control norms.

Capsule department has filling machine which consists of capsule hopper magazine, raceway & push plate, rectifier block loading rings & rotary table for powder filling.

In-process test are done during the production operation. When there is product change over, complete thorough cleaning & washing of all equipment coming in contact with the new product is done & the sample of rinse water of the equipment is tested to see the traces of previous products, which should be completely removed as per the SOP. Flow sheets of the various production operations & all the records related to production operation are maintained.

In all the departments’ man & material flow is in uni-direction starting from materials receipt to finished product distribution/dispatch.